How to enjoy ishigaki Island -rental car-



Hi! I’m MIna living in Ishigaki Island!
Today, I write about rental car.


Would you like rent a car in Ishigaki Isldand?


Road sign of Japan Road sign of Japan from wiki


At the beginning, I’ll show you “An Inconvenient Truth of rent-a-car in Ishigaki”.

Difference of search in both languages!

I did search a car on English page and Japanese page both on Tabirai car rental  website under the same conditions.

Here is  English capture, 


and Japanese capture.


…Can you notice difference of search results based on same conditions?

When you search in English, you can find only one car!
But in case of Japanese, there are 19 cars

Oh, My Buddha! ヽ(TдT)ノ

Unfortunately, this means there are not so many rent-a-car company available for English .
If you really need a car, you should better use OTS’s website for English(But, bit expensive).
They’ll pick you up at Ishigaki airport.


Or if you’ll stay Hotel Arezude Bale, you could rent a car at parking-rentacar at a reasonable price.
But you need to make a phone-call for reservation and the most of the stuffs of parking-rentacar can’t speak English.
So, you’d better ask Arezude Bale’s stuff to make a reservation for you, or call parking-rentacar on sunday evening(Sometimes, there are a stuff who speaks English a bit.).

Before rent a car…

And.. I have to say one thing.

Please, make sure to study Road sign of Japan in advance and drive slowly!

Recently, a lot of foreign tourists have made car accidents here and there in this Island.
(Especially, tourists from Hong Kong…)

car accident in Ishigaki

They drove faster than limit significantly and didn’t stop at crossroads.
Can you see the overturned car ?

Anyway, if you come from the country where cars drive right side, be careful and careful and careful!
Difference of trafic lane make you panic in case of emergency!